We offer 360° communication services, from both strategic and the creative point of views.

In an ever-changing society and in the chaotic world of communication agencies, it can be challenging to find a professional figure who speaks your or your client’s same language.

With Mixer Brain, you can count on a strategic and proven approach, which considers the totality of the market’s demand and target but also your company’s identity.

We develop media projects that smartly combine strategy, marketing and creativity.

Our selective and highly organized approach uses the creative power of communication and top-notch marketing to promote company growth and development.

Our experts are always going to be by your side using competence and great new ideas, to skillfully guide you in digital-orientated journey that will correctly place your company’s reality, both in people’s hearts and the most influential digital networks.

We are Mixer Brain… your new innovative and winning strategic mind!

Unique quality solutions.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity?


We boast a specialized approach, which by way of in-depth Brand Analisys, Advanced Marketing and a digital-oriented management, can create new and unprecedented strategic business opportunities.


Your promotional scripts in every formats and for every context. We design communication strategies for the chosen media channels, create fitting press releases, texts for billposting, radio and tv commercials and storytelling… always efficient and tailor-made.

Art Direction

You have an important message but no idea on how to deliver it?
We transform your thoughts in images, broadcasting your advertisement to the entire world. We avail ourselves of different means, such as press releases, billposting, advertisements and publicity.

Below the Line

With a mix of creativity, psychology and communication strategy, we are going to plant you in the world of Guerrilla Marketing. A low-cost and high-impact promotional technique that is going to actively involve your client.


A radio commercial stands out, the right voice can engage the listener just as much as a video, if not more. We take care of every detail transforming your message in melody.


Our expert team elaborates innovative, original ideas and uses them to effectively create original tv commercials. From our brilliant minds sprung true and proper hits!

And More…

Discover Mixer Mice

Sometimes it is not necessary to know what you are doing. The most important thing is that it brings you closer to your goals, and that, just in that moment you can explain it.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity?

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