Planning successful events for over 30 years.

For over 30 years, we have been planning the best events for both national and international businesses.

Mixing our creativity and experience with winning strategies and innovative technologies, we are able to give birth to lights, colors, sounds and fragrances.

Our 360 approach offers an overall detailed vision so that we are able to conceive the best event ever created.

From renting equipment to designing and setting “turn-key” events, our experts will find the perfect solution for your needs: from A to Z.

We analyze your needs and use our combined skills in order to achieve tailor-made results.

What really makes us the best there is on the market is a solid foundation based on our strong communicative abilities, an enthusiastic team and a perfect knowledge of both dynamic management and problem solving.   

Emotions, mood setting and involvement. This is what is going to be the centerpiece of your events. Your guests are going to live exciting and unique experiences, and believe us they are never going to forget about you.

We are Mixer Eventi… the perfect mix for an event without equals.

Unique and quality solutions

Your trusted partner for…

Technical direction

We organize and coordinate both the internal and external personnel working on your event. We guarantee professionality and competence in the control of every technical area.


We are always up with the times, as we exclusively use the most innovative technological solutions combined with our multiannual experience so that we can satisfy your every promotional necessity and request.


We make available a wide range of last generation equipment for every type of promotional activity; benefit from our long and short-term rental service.

Special effects

Only the best for our special effects… we like to impress and above all we love to set ourselves apart from the rest! Your event, in our capable hands, it is going to become a marvelous and unforgettable journey for you and all your guests.

Audio & Video Engineering

In a winning event what has a fundamental importance is, of course, the audio. Guests develop a predisposition to listening while stimulated with the right sounds. Thanks our directors’ expertise we guarantee engaging audio and video products of the highest quality.

Video Conference

With the help of our new video conference service, both via streaming and satellite, you can reach anyone, in any moment and anywhere in the world. We us, the whole world is always within reach.

Event Location

With over 30 years of field experience we can boast a vast knowledge of all the opportunities our territory can offer. We are of course always on the lookout for the newest and most interesting offers on the location market, and that is exactly why we are able to find the right place at the right time.

If a client is happy, it means we did a good job… but if everyone is amazed, well that is a true and proper triumph.

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