We offer high quality experiences with the aid of simplicity and elegance.

In a world filled with noise, we aim to awe with a silent elegance. We always choose quality and try to celebrate it in every single one of our gestures.

This is why we offer specialized consulting services, which propose to identify, select and create all the necessary activities to organize your Meetings, Incentives, Exhibitions and more…

We believe in the value of courtesy and in the power of sophistication and elegance of a structured organization.

Simplicity makes itself the patron of location scouting, catering & banqueting, pre and post event organizing secretary, registration management, Hostess & Stewards, transfers, hotel accommodation, logistics and bureaucracy, translators and interpreters.

We attentively choose refined details and sophisticated elements in order to leave a lasting mark on your client’s hearts.

This is how we astonish our clients, every time.   

We are Mixer Mice… The detail that makes the difference.

Unique quality solutions

Details that make the difference


With us you won’t have to worry about a thing. We take care of every detail of your national or international convention, with the utmost professionalism from designing to organizing.


We design experiences and adapt them to any context. May it be a company team or external people; we are always able to find the right way to an absolute success. We help you reach your goals, increase your productivity and build your team.

Artist Management

Hiring an artist or a celebrity to participate in your event is not as difficult as you might think. Our staff can select and contact whoever you might desire to represent you and your event, and deal with all the paperwork related to the hiring process.

Hostess & Stewards

Amazing professional figures to whom we reserve one of the most important tasks: greeting and taking care of your guests.
Entertainment and kindness, these are the elements that are going to make your guests feel completely at ease.


Thanks to our top-level contacts with the catering world, your event is going to be completely on step with the newest food-tendencies. Taste and elegance are going to mix together so that even the hardest palates to please are going to be awed, creating a moment with an unforgettable flavor.


You will just have to make a wish, close your eyes and wait for the result.
Leave everything to us, from the planning, to the setting and up to every management and bureaucratic issue. You see, this is our forte.

Nowadays to awe one does not have to make noise. Simplicity and elegance sometimes are the most extraordinary things there are.

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