We conceive and create videos and short films, promoting and supporting quality.

Videos accompany us in every moment of our life. Smartphones, tablets, advertisements, tv and every other technological device are just a few examples of how powerful and popular this communication medium is. Every day we see millions of unique stories and we never stop.

Videos are the most used and widespread communicational format.

For this exact reason, in Mixer Video, we are able to fill every frame with as much passion, emotion and creativity as possible.

Our Storytelling masterpieces are specifically created to transport the viewer inside the story.

The direction and shooting quality effectively redefines the concept of “viewing”.

Complete editing process, immersive audio and special effects… in short, the perfect audiovisual experience.

From Motion Graphics to Corporate videos, our mission and biggest success has always been the same: enrich the viewers and make them participants in a chapter of your story.

That is how technology, competence and heart mix together in a visual exploration that always achieves great results while elevating corporate values and promoting the strengths of important international businesses.

We are Mixer Video… sequences of powerful stories.

Unique, quality solutions

Telling life through…

Creativity & Storytelling

With the help of expert directors we are going to write together the best possible script for your video. We offer a complete or partial draw up for characters, screenplays, scripts and storytelling.
We are more than ready for your Ciak.

Motion graphic & 3D

Give the right tone to your commercial thanks to our 2 & 3D graphic animations. We integrate incredible animations in every type of video and create cartoons, info-graphics and video presentations transforming the message you want to deliver into a memorable short film.

Corporate & Commercial

We use the newest video filming techniques for a wide range of videos: corporate, institutional and promotional videos, advertisement spots and commercial events using the best technologies on the market.

Editing & Post-production

We utilize state-of-the-art editing and fine tuning software, essential to create incredible high-quality videos. Our main goal is to meet your every need and in order to do that, well we have no limits.


Our set is quite spectacular. We use a unique and always up-to-date shooting hardware, combining lights and ad amazing effects to capture every single frame.
This is how we make perfect and unforgettable videos.

Music & Sound

Now let’s talk about also pleasing the ear. We see to every detail of audio production, from recording and producing speaker’s audios and voiceovers to creating and using musical libraries. We proudly use the best equalizing software to efficiently optimize every track.

Web & Multimedia

Thanks to our experts you are going to take part into the amazing world of online innovation. We offer 360° web services, developing multilevel digital communication and provide multimedia contents for interactive platforms.

Nowadays to awe one does not have to make noise. Simplicity and elegance sometimes are the most extraordinary things there are.

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