120° Anniversary Event

For: Roche

By: Mixer Eventi

For its 120° anniversary, Roche asked Mixer Eventi to organize a national convention in its headquarters in Monza.

Operational Processes


A first strategic-organizational phase saw the design and structuring of the setup.


The location got completely transformed with an innovative hi-tech scenography, a set for real time projections, an audio-video system and a very colorful and suggestive video furnishing.


Mixer Eventi was responsible for the direction of the whole event, coordinating all the equipment and special effects used.

Technologies and competencies

Mixer Eventi gave birth to a true and proper hi-tech event, thanks to the advanced equipment and professional figures such as directors and a specialized technical staff.

The final result

With this super hi-tech event Roche showed its guests that even after 120 years it is still in step with the times, if not ahead. A high success national convention that was able to surprise and entertain more than 300 guests from all over the world.

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