20th Anniversary Corporate Convention

For: RE/MAX Italia

By: Mixer Group


Mixer Group was appointed to organize a convention in occasion of the 20° anniversary of RE/MAX Italy. The aim was to create an event that could combine celebrations and work in 2 days in the capital of business, Milan.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

Firstly, the team held a strategic briefing, thanks to which it was possible to individuate the aim, and consequently the right professionals to involve, and the steps to follow.


In order to set the right mood the team choose the perfect materials for the set up, so that it could clearly represent the event’s identity and create a coherent evocative path.

Location Scouting

The attentive location scouting took into account every important detail, so that the event could unfold elegantly and that it could easily be enjoyed in its entirety. Mixer Group choose the East End Studio in Milan.

Scouting Testimonial

Mixer Group also had the honor of make contact with the chosen testimonials for the event and finalize the collaboration details.


One of the main tasks was the guests’ management, which consisted in the organization of the transfer of the 600 guests and the provision of an organizational secretariat.

Technical & Scenographic Set-up

The location got completely transformed with an innovative hi-tech scenography, a set for real time projections and an audio-video system.

Hostess & Catering Service

Mixer Mice thanks to a high-level catering service organized dinners and the entertainment, but also selected and managed the hostess present to the event.


To complete this all-in solution, Mixer Group took care of the direction of the whole event. From the live video shooting, to the production of an emotional and post-event souvenir videos and a photo service.

Technologies and competencies

Mixer Group involved its best collaborators and a professionals team, among which strategic counselors, technical staff, production and post-production team, catering service, hostess and an amazing logistic team for the guests’ transfers.

The final result

This market-leader multinational celebrated its first 20 years thanks to an event that saw the participation of 600 guests. The event was a true and proper success that allowed RE/MAX Italy to consolidate its vision in the hearts and minds of its collaborators, registering right from the kick-start increment in productivity and better collaboration on the workplace.

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