ADV Campaign & Web Spot Production

For: Di Saronno

By: Mixer Video



Mixer Video was chosen to create the ADV campaign and produce a Web Spot for the new and prestigious Disaronno wears Etrò collection.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase saw an in depth analysis and study and creativity session, which involved the ideation of the concept, the definition of the subject and elaboration of the storyboard. Then the team proceeded to delineate the organization of the work.

Location & Actors Scouting

Mixer Video then took care of the location scouting, selecting the perfect context to give birth to the video. Then a casting session allowed them to find the best actors to better portray the project.

Direction & Production

Mixer Video then made the direction and video production for the ADV campaign.


Lastly, Mixer video followed the selection of the filmed material and started the post-production process, which saw the development of Visual FX and tracking of the original video, compositing and editing process. Color correction and musical adaptation then completed this amazing communicational work profoundly involving the spectator. The campaign’s output produced an extremely attractive and luxurious ADV.

Technologies and competences

For this amazing promotional project Mixer video offered the best of its team. Creatives, strategists, filming crew, camera operators, stylists, editors and audio engineers all helped to give birth to the Disaronno wears Etrò campaign, in an intriguing mix of contrasting forms and colors.

The final result

Di saronno obtained a ADV campaign and a Web spot that could launch the prestigious Di Saronno Wears Etrò limited edition with elegance, sophistication and unicity. This promotional solution was able to celebrate the symbol that this beverage market leader is. Thanks to the professionality and creative flair showed by Mixer Video Di Saronno registered a bloom in interactions and sales for the limited edition line in collaboration with Etrò.

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