Corporate convention

For: Allergan

By: Mixer Video & Mixer Brain



Mixer Video & Mixer Brain were appointed to create an event, a corporate video and a Teaser for Allergan. In occasion of the Convention Sales Force in Rome, the aim was to show the company’s vision and its competence in the innovation field. The project was developed to celebrate the digital transformation that Allergan underwent and that made it an affirmed international reality.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing & Concept

A first strategic phase, where study, analysis and creativity were the main focus, saw the elaboration of the digital transformation concept.

Video Production & Mood

Mixer brain with great attention to the details and creativity took care of setting the perfect mood with the choice of the right materials for the décor; while Mixer Video collected various video clips, selected the audio, recorded the voiceovers and produced an emotional video and a Teaser to use as invitation.


The team monitored and managed the entire event in loco, creatively and professionally mixing the set-up solutions with the video created.

Technologies and competences

In order to set the right mood Mixer Brain used the whole force of its unique creativity, mainly thanks to the best and more expert members of the creative team and in collaboration with the artistic direction. They managed to give birth to an incredible and unique event. Mixer Video van boast the collaboration with amazing storytellers, copywriters, production and post-production team and a Speaker.

The final result

Allergan obtained an extraordinary event focused on it digital transformation that saw the over 150 participants remain awed while assisting at the perfect representation of their company’s identity.

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