Corporate Convention

For: Quattroruote

By: Mixer Eventi



Mixer Eventi was chosen to organize a convention in occasion of the 60° anniversary of the historical automotive magazine “Quattroruote”. The aim was to create an event that combined celebrations and work inside the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

First Mixer Eventi held a strategic briefing to delineate the aim and concept of the event, choosing the right professionals to involve and defining the operational line and all the necessary steps to make.

Technical & Scenographic Set-up

The location got completely transformed with an minimal hi-tech scenography, a set for real time projections and an audio-video system.

Interactive televote

Thanks to the interactivity element the participants were directly involved and these made the event incredibly effective and ultimately a proper success.


Mixer Eventi was responsible for the direction, placing itself at the disposal for the whole event.

Technologies & competencies

The team was responsible for the shaping of the concept and script, clip selection and filming mainly thanks to the involvement of professionals and a production team. Mixer Eventi made a technical staff and strategic counselors available for Quattroruote and used a technical audiovideo set-up completed with lights and video projectors.

The final Result

A big success for the 60° anniversary of Quattroruote, the historical automotive magazine celebrated with an event that saw the participation of 300 guests. The participants were thrilled to listen to first order automotive world interventions and learn more about its future.

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