Corporate Convention

For: Sofar

By: Mixer Eventi



In occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Sofar’s Foundation, Mixer Eventi was chosen to design and organize a corporate convention, uniting work and celebrations in a 4-day workshop in one of the most beautiful and prestigious locations in the world: The Principality of Monaco.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase saw the study of the target and the type of event.


After a thorough research Mixer Eventi and Sofar chosen The Fairmont Hotel in Montecarlo.

Set up

Once on site came the moment to set up the entire location, which Mixer Eventi expertly transformed into a simple yet surprising place for meetings and cohesion with an incredible real time scenography.

Interactive televote

Thanks to the interactivity element the participants were directly involved and these made the event incredibly effective and ultimately a proper success.


Mixer Eventi was responsible for the direction of the entire event. The atmosphere was unique and the convention became a great moment of sharing, productivity but also celebration.

Technologies and competencies

For this occasion, the team managed to find the right balance between convention and celebration involving its best professionals, such as: strategic councilors, light and sound technicians and directors. Thanks to the audio, video, light and video projectors technical setup the team was able to create the perfect mix between professionality and fun.

The final result

An incredible event for the company’s first 50 years of life. The professional team and attention to detail made this event amazing and unforgettable. Montecarlo’s Fairmont hotel was absolutely a great ambassador with its heritage and welcomed with open arms the convention’s guests.

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