Corporate Partnership Video

For: IBM – Intesa San Paolo

By: Mixer Video



In occasion of the partnership between IBM and Intesa San Paolo, Mixer Video was appointed to create a corporate video that told a bit more about this two market colossus and the advantages of this co-promotion.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

In a first phase of strategic briefing, creativity and copywriting involved the creation and writing of the video concept.


After accurate analysis and evaluations, the staff elaborated the storyboard of the video, in line with the concept of the event. Then the team took care of an accurate research of the iconographic material to use in the video.

Motion Graphics 2D

The team then created a Motion Graphics 2D, focusing on the importance of this co-promotion.


After a meticulous Speaker Scouting, we recorded the audio track in a studio with an excellent professional.


The post-production team took care of the final cut and musical sync, then exporting the completed video.


The corporate video was created in English.

Technologies and Competencies

Mixer video took care of the creation of the project involving its own creatives: production and post-production team for the motion graphics and the adaptation of the musical background, a direction, a speaker for the English voiceover tracks and the best professional for the creation of the final cut.

The final result

Mixer video made a modern and professional Corporate Video, focused on the advantages of the IBM and Intesa San Paolo co-promotion. While the powerful audio track inspires trust, the chosen text manages to promote the advantages of this extraordinary reality, giving it a chance to transmit its new image as well as possible.

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