Corporate Video

For: ALF-X

By: Mixer Video



Mixer Video was honored to be chosen for the creation of a video for the promotion of the ALF-X last generation tele-surgery system, on its launch on Wall Street.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase involved the study, creativity and writing of the storyboard and saw the creation and production of the video in all its passages.

Direction & Production

Mixer Video then took care of the filming process, with particular attention to the direction. A captivating mix of frame and macro shootings that had the ability of telling all there is to know about the characteristics of the ALF-X.


The best takes were chosen in order make the video as representative as possible.


The post-production team took care of the musical sync and final cut, enriching it with modern and soft background track.

Technologies and competences

Mixer eventi involved all its best creatives and strategists for the writing of the storyboard, sound technicians for the musical selection and audio optimization, props men and direction of the in-loco shooting and also its best editors and post production team.

The final result

Thanks to this video ALF-X made its entry on the market, setting itself as an innovative and futuristic product, suitable and versatile with high levels of quality; automatically placing itself as market leader.

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