ECM event

For: Boehringer Ingelheim

By: Mixer Eventi


Mixer Eventi was chosen to organize the ECM events in Sorrento and Rome. The aim was to create the perfect context in which scientific specialist and doctors could meet and share studies and opinions relatively to the covered topics.

Operational Processes


A first strategic-organizational phase saw the design and structuring of the setup.


The location was set up with an innovative virtual scenography and virtual set using Chroma Key in real time and the necessary audiovisual equipment.


Mixer eventi proceeded to take care of the direction of the whole event, carefully coordinating all the instrumentation and the special effects used. The result was unprecedented, in terms of quality and engagement.

Interactive televoting

With the interactivity element the audience was directly involved, making the event a true and proper success.


In order to generate a high level of engagement at the end of the event the guests could learn its key points with the help of a gamification system in augmented reality.

Technologies and competences

Mixer Eventi gave birth to an amazing scenographic show thanks to the contribution of directors, creatives and a specialized technical staff.

The final result

Boehringer Ingelheim had the pleasure of noting an high level of approval thanks to an event that was able to awe and constantly held the attention of the over 300 well-known guests. The attention to details, the innovative set up and the top-notch technologies used have been a new and interesting method of managing ECM events, bringing more focus and visual support on the subject matter.

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