Emotional event


By: Mixer Eventi


Mixer eventi was appointed to create an emotional event in occasion of the annual Eyewear Show.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase of study, creativity and analysis saw the design and creation of the event’s concept.


Mixer eventi took care of the set-up of the entire location, creating a suspended structure that represented a “room inside a room”. Inside of it, the team inserted 8 20.000 asilumen projectors dedicated to the 360° projection of high-quality emotional videos able to represent the Italian artistic genius.
To complete the effect an all-around audio engineering and synchronized light effect system.

Direction & production

Mixer eventi was responsible for the management of the whole event, the entry and exit from the “room”, the direction and artistic staff and the in-loco filming.

Technologies and competences

Mixer eventi involved all its best creatives and strategists in order to set the perfect mood for the event. Specialized technicians took care of the building of the structure and the synchronization of the entire audio-video system, optimizing the content’s experience.

The Final Result

Mido, thanks to this event, reached its goal a managed to recreate the perfect context to represent the magnificence and precious contribute that the Italian artistic genius represents in the world. Thanks to an intriguing and intense journey across emotions, works of art and history Mido was able to tell its guests about the Italian artistis value, leaving the awed and trilled as children.

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