Emotional Video

For: Roche Diagnostic

By: Mixer Video



For the opening of the new work year Roche Diagnostic choses Mixer Video to create an emotional video able to convey the corporate values and vision to its collaborators.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

In a first phase of strategic briefing, creativity and copywriting involved the creation and writing of the video concept and subject.


After accurate analysis and evaluations, the staff elaborated the storyboard of the video, thus shaping the concept of the product.


A creative storytelling and copywriting session made the creation of the storyline and script possible.

Direction & Supervision

After these more creative parts followed the production, during which the staff made in-loco shootings. The direction paid particular attention to the collaboration values that roche enforces giving professionalism and harmony in the work place.


After a meticulous Speaker Scouting, we recorded the audio track in a studio with an excellent professional.


The best takes were chosen in order make the video as representative as possible.


The post-production team took care of the musical sync and final cut, enriching it with modern and soft background track.

Technologies and Competences

Mixer Video took care of the ideation, script writing, video shooting involving its best professionals such as copywriters, production team, direction and speakers for the voiceover tracks and post-production.

The final result

Roche chose Mixer event as a partner for its capability of efficiently conveying the direction to which the year will go. A year of change and hard work. An emotional, informative path that beautifully involved the audience.

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