Emotional Video BPM Event

For: BPM Vita

By: Mixer Video



BPM creates a new educative method with the institution of BPM Accademy, Mixer Video is chosen to create an impactful Emotional Video to present this new initiative. The aim is to create a video with a motivating approach, thanks to which BPM’s collaborators could learn about this new and innovative company philosophy.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase involved the study, creativity and writing of the storyboard and saw the creation and production of the video in all its passages.


After accurate analysis and evaluations, the staff elaborated the storyboard of the video, in line with the concept of the company. Then the team took care of an accurate research of the iconographic material to use in the video.

Direction & Production

Mixer Video proceeded to the shooting selection, taking care of all the details relative to the emotive impact and the video concept.


The best takes were chosen in order make the video as representative as possible.


After a meticulous Speaker Scouting, we recorded the audio track in a studio with an excellent professional.


The post-production team took care of the final cut and musical sync, then exporting the completed video.

Technologies and Competencies

Mixer video took care of the creation of the project involving its own creatives: production and post-production team for the adaptation of the musical background, a direction, a speaker for the English voiceover tracks and the best professional for the creation of the final cut.

The final result

Thanks to this educative emotional video, BPM managed to present to its collaborators the renewed company vision and creating a new source of inspiration and a strong cohesion in the work place.

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