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Partner & Producer Mixer Video

Intervista Davidh Cavazzuti


Goodmoring Davidh, instead of beginning straight away with this quick interview, could you please tell us somthing more about your agency? What is your core business and what are your agency’s specialities?

Mixer Group is a professional network filled with competent figures and various abilities capable of reaching different levels of creativity and communication.
Our agency offers its communication and event organizing skills, combining the newest techniques and technologies with the clients’ needs, using experience and creativity, in order to create an always-new, beguiling and tailor-made experience. From brief to communication strategy, from advertising to events Mixer Group is able to candidate itself as unique referent for the realization of any project, lowering the production time and costs.

For you the marketing forum seems to be a fixture and for the past 20 years you have been able to see the development of the tematics and technologies around digital communication first-hand. how do you evaluate the sector’s state in italy?

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving and thanks to the Marketing Forum, we have been able to directly meet with representatives coming from all over Italy. The current market requires a 360° service; that’s why our offer on event organizing, with Mixer Eventi, video production, with Mixer Video it’s completed by the logistic organization provided by Mixer Mice and digital marketing provided by Mixer Brain.
For the last couple of years, our main goal has been to help companies deal with the digital innovation.
Usually, when organizing a publicity campaign, companies tend to turn to different providers: one for the organization of the event, one for video making, one for press releases and so on…
Mixer Group is mainly focused on clients’ needs and expectations, sometimes anticipating the competition thanks of its capability of gathering all these skills in one agency.
Moreover, we help companies to get closer to the digital world; we help them comprehend how it works and how to use it daily. Whatever the company’s reference sector might be, there will always be more and more need to use digital marketing and bring their business on line.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the economical crisis. Companies seem to be dealing with the exit from the crisis autonomally. What do you think about it and how did you react to the undeniable changes that it brought?

Lately companies have undeniably downsized their budgets and the most common mistake they make is to excessively penalize the marketing and communication sector, which mostly results in a lack of profit.
In such a difficult moment, like the crisis we have been living in the last few years, we tried helping the more innovative companies to take this opportunity to renovate themselves, find new clients and reach new market shares thanks to digital marketing.

If you could suggest to one of your clients something to do right now in order to bettern their job, products or services, what would it be?

To a potential client, we would suggest to exploit all the advantages and opportunities offered by the digital marketing. Another piece of advice would be to confide in people that know the ins and outs of the digital marketing’s commercial potential, in order to avoid investing in the wrong areas and getting lost in the chaotic sea of internet.
That’s exactly what makes Mixer Group so different; we offer and define concrete counseling projects and innovative services which interact with the most efficient commercial Digital Strategy’s instruments.

Mixer Group… and more!

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