Marketing Forum

For: Digital Marketing Forum

By: Mixer Eventi


The company Digital Marketing Forum chose Mixer Eventi to organize a B2B dedicated event that saw the participation of 400 people at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan. The aim was to create a sober and elegant atmosphere in conformity with the event’s concept.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase included the target and type of event study.

Technical & Scenographic Set-up

The location has been the scene of an amazingly balanced and modern technical and scenographic set-up.


Mixer Eventi was responsible for the direction of the whole event, coordinating all the equipment and special effects used.

Technologies and competencies

On this occasion, Mixer Eventi involved all its best professionals, such as light and sound technicians, directors and used an audio-video technical equipment complete with projectors.

The final result

An event where sobriety and elegance became leitmotiv for this more and more important happening for this brand.

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