Monza Rally

For: Vortice

By: Mixer Video



Mixer Mice and Mixer Video were selected to take care of the communication strategy for Vortice, during the Monza Rally Show.
The aim was to create a meeting point for fans and audience, and that was made possible thanks to the positioning of an ad-hoc stand with all the information on pilots, car and main sponsor: Vortice.

Operational Processes


In a first strategic phase, the team made an accurate analysis and defined the perfect communicational line in harmony with the event’s concept and all the necessary operational steps.

Girl image

Mixer mice, thanks to an accurate selection, provided girls to greet the visitors into the stand.

Press campaign and video production

Thanks to the chosen high-level photographers, the team created campaigns and sectorial magazine promotions and produced live video-highlights for the stand.


Mixer mice & Mixer Video took care of the direction of the whole event, in collaboration with the welcoming and entertainment, team making this annual recurrence even more special and important.

Technologies and competencies

Mixer video & Mixer Mice participated to this project with their strategic counselors, filming crew, high-level photographers, ADV and graphic team, communication team, technical staff for the set-up, production and post production team and girl image.

The final result

Mixer video’s professional photographic shootings and video filming documented with high-level, surprising images the great number of passionate fans that also this year joyfully invaded the Autodromo di Monza.
Once on social media, these images achieved great results in terms of sharing. It has been a true and proper magnificent event, a great show and a great occasion of communication that was seized in the best of ways. Vortice and Mixer Mice were, once again, a winning team.

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