National Convention

For: Sofar

By: Mixer Eventi


Mixer Eventi was chosen to realize a national convention for Sofar. The aim was to reunite the 200 participants from all over Italy, so that the company could create a concrete opportunity to share the results of their growth.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase included the target and type of event study.


After that, the team made a thorough research in order to find the perfect location. Mixer and Sofar’s choice fell on the prestigious Hotel Gallia.


Once on the site it was time to set up the whole location, transforming it in the perfect place for cohesion and debate, simple yet surprising with its amazing virtual scenography.


Lastly, Mixer Eventi was responsible of the in-loco direction of the whole event, making the atmosphere unique and the convention a nice moment of sharing and productivity.

Technologies and competences

On occasion of this convention, Mixer Eventi employed all its professionals, such as strategical counsellors, light and sound technicians and directors.

The final result

Sofar managed to collect a great number of positive comments and registered an immediate increment in productivity, and all thanks to the convention that, in their words, they so long dreamed about.

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