Press Conference

For: CBS Outdoor

By: Mixer Brain & Mixer Eventi


Mixer Brain & Mixer Eventi were chosen to organize a one of a kind press conference, for the launch of the new CBS Outdoor publicity campaign and the first digital walls in Italy.
The aim was to awe the participants with innovative technological effects while highlighting the event’s concept and the importance of the company in digital engagement.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

Firstly, the team carried out a strategic briefing thanks to which they managed to make an in depth analysis of the goal of the event, choose the right professionals to include in the project and the right steps to follow.The selected operational line involved the participation of Mixer Brain and Mixer Eventi.

Technical & Scenographic Set-up

The Triennale of Milan got completely transformed with an innovative hi-tech scenography, a set for digital projections, audio-video equipment and a very suggestive and colorful video-furnishing system.


The team graphically designed the invitations in theme with the event concept.

Hostess & Servizio Catering

Mixer Brain inoltre, attraverso un servizio di catering di alto livello e un’accurata Selezione di hostess, ha reso la Conferenza Stampa un meraviglioso momento informativo e di condivisione.


To complete this all-in solution, Mixer Eventi and Mixer Mice took care of the direction of the whole event: from the live shooting, to the creation of an emotional video up to the projection of the novelties presented.

Technologies and Competencies

The team offered technical assistance (audio, video, lights) for the duration of the whole event and designed ad-hoc communicational material (graphics, gadgets, booklets, badges and paper and electronic invitations). Mixer eventi & Mixer Brain involved a team of professionals, among which strategic counselors, a technical staff and a catering service.

The Final Result

CBS Outdoor managed to reach its goal organizing a “par excellence” press conference. Hi-tech lights, projections and room décor. A unique and futuristic atmosphere able to transmit important and positive business forecasts relative to the new product’s launch.

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