Press conference

For: Kaspersky

By: Mixer Brain & Mixer Video



Mixer Brain & Mixer Video were chosen to create a technological experiencial event for Kaspersky.
The aim was to successfully celebrate the opening of the new Data Center in Zurich, while explaining this innovation to the press.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

A first phase of strategic and creative briefing included the study, analysis and devise of a plan for the event. Moreover, the team elaborated a communicational concept with its main focus on the use of augmented reality.

Creativity & Copywriting

Mixer Brain decide to elaborate a tech event, focused on interactive technologies. This is why the copywriting session saw the drafting of all the interactive animation’s contents.


Mixer Video than proceeded to produce the graphic animations with the help of 2D Graphic Motion software and the new Kaspersky services introduced with the new Data Center.

Augmented Reality

In collaboration with Mixer Video, Mixer Brain transformed the animations in interactive experiences, integrating them with two very advanced technologies: Augmented Reality and Visual Tracking.


Then the team had to set up the entire location with the chosen interactive technologies, so that the guests could test and enjoy them.

Direction & Media

The team was in charge of following the 360° direction of the event, creating a charming high-tech setting where the real and virtual world could integrate with one another.

Technologies and competences

This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration with some of the most talented and creative professionals.
Strategy counselors, Copywriters, technical staff, 3D animators, Web Developers & Engineers, Digital Strategists, Post-Production team, Artistic direction.
Mixer Video and Mixer Brain made available a renting service for their holographic machines making the experience the most appealing possible.

The final result

One thing is for sure, Kaspersky had the press talk! The journalists did not miss the opportunity to describe this amazing and rare inaugural event, where Kaspersky’s technology took a place in our life and in our reality while creating a new aura of quality, advancement and innovation.

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