Product launch Video

For: Warner Classics

By: Mixer Video



Mixer Video was chosen by Warner Classics to create a product video in occasion of the launch of the remastered version of Maria Callas’ best successes. The aim was to elaborate an attractive promotional video able of standing out in the musical market.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

In a first phase of strategic briefing, creativity and copywriting involved the creation and writing of the video concept.

Creative aim

The team the took care of the elaboration of the creative aim.


After accurate analysis and evaluations, the staff elaborated the storyboard of the video.

Motion Graphics 2D

The team then created a Motion Graphics 2D, focusing on the importance and inestimable value of the product.


The post-production team created the graphic lines and guide contents for the video in computer graphic, with an excellent 2D Motion Graphic work.
Then the team took care of the creation of the final cut, musical sync and exportation the completed video.

Technologies and Competencies

Mixer video took care of the creation of the project involving its own creatives: production and post-production team for the motion graphics and the adaptation of the musical background.

The Final Result

Warner Classics obtained a promotional video able to give the right importance to the product, both for the in-store and mainstream channels launch, registering a big sales increase.

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