Production: 3D video

For: Sofar L.Casei

By: Mixer Video



Mixer video has been appointed to elaborate a creative idea for the production of a tridimensional video that explains how Sofar’s lactobacillus paracsei works.
They required a strategic consultation for the launch of a vivid, technical and impactful message.

Operational Processes


Mixer Video’s staff had the task of elaborating a story and writing down and adapting the scientific texts.


After various accurate analysis and valuations of the material obtained our staff had to elaborate a storyboard of the video in order to give shape to the whole concept.

2D Graphic Motion

We designed and created a 2D Graphic motion based on the clarity and dynamicity of the message.

3D modeling

We defined 3D forms, mainly geometrical and organic using a precise 3D modeling.

Technologies and competences

To give birth to this project Mixer Video had to avail themselves of expert speakers and their staff’s expertise in 3D compositing. The animation presented in this video was made possible by the use of Mixer Video’s special 3D modeling and rendering software. Moreover, in order to make all this possible we also collaborated with a professor from Milan’s Università degli Studi who edited the contents and helped our 3D artists with the task.

The final Result

Sofar obtained a 3D technical-scientific video presentation of lactobacillus paracsei, a precise and professional vision with exhaustive content and a great audio and video impact.

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