Promotional Video

For: Jobs

By: Mixer Video



Mixer Video was chosen by Jobs to create a promotional video, in occasion of the presentation of its new industrial machines to the World Conference in partnership with Ministry of the Interior. The aim was to introduce all the technological novelties that this new machines represent in the panorama of aerospace industry.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase involved the ideation of the concept, the definition of the message and the organization of work.


Thanks to a storytelling and copywriting session, Mixer Video created the perfect storyline and wrote the script for the video.

Direction & Production

Mixer Video than took care of the in-loco filming with the use of an external filming set. The filming process was directed with particular focus on the study of frames.


The best takes were chosen in order make the video as representative as possible.


The post-production team took care of the creation of the final cut, musical sync and exportation the completed video.

Technologies and Competencies

Mixer video involved its best professionals, among which: strategic counselors, expert storytellers, sound technicians, props men and directors, video makers and editors.

The final result

The staff made the creation of a video that represented the extraordinary Jobs machines possible. The debut of this technological innovation in the aerospace industry, told from Job’s point of view by Mixer Video, represented a fundamental step into the future.

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