Radio campaign

For: Sofar

By: Mixer Video


Mixer Video has been chosen for the realization of two national radio campaigns for Sofar, each of the two with a duration of 15 seconds.
The aim was to create two short audio tracks that illustrated in a simple and effective way the pharmaceutical products Sofar wanted to present, specifying the pathologies and problems that these medicines cure.

Operational Processes


The first strategic and creativity phase included an audience, mean of transmission and campaign’s format analysis.


The copywriting phase included the creation and writing of the two campaigns’ texts.


After a meticulous Speaker Scouting, we recorded the audio track in a studio with an excellent professional.

Sound FX

Finally yet importantly, the team selected the best audio tracks and a background soundtrack, and then proceeded to mix together the various levels to make the voiceover as seamlessly and clear as possible.


Once the campaigns were ready we contacted the chosen media and radio transmitted the final result.

Technologies and competences

Mixer video followed the campaign in all its phases: from the planning of the strategy, the writing of the script, the recording and mixing up to the radio transmission. These activities requested the contribute of: communication counsellors and ADV, an audio recording division, a Speaker and a post-production team, and an artistic direction.

The final result

Sofar obtained two short, simple and effective radio campaigns that since their first airing made a big success, immediately translating into profit thanks to the high percentage of clients’ income.

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