Retail Convention

For: Banca Aletti

By: Mixer Group



Mixer Group was chosen by Banca Aletti to design and organize an event dedicated to the new image of the bank in occasion of the annual Workshop. The aim was to deliver an unforgettable message of renewal through a three-day event in Rome’s elegant La Nuvola convention center and the Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

Firstly, the team carried out a strategic briefing thanks to which they managed to make an in depth analysis of the goal of the event and choose the right professionals to include in the project. The selected operational line involved the participation of Mixer Group’s staff in its entirety.


Then it was time to set the perfect mood with the choice of the right material for the décor and set up, in order to provide a clear identity and a coherent, logical path. Also the design and creation of ad-hoc videos for the event followed the same principles of coherence and clarity.

Location Scouting

After that naturally came the location scouting, the elements that inspired the team were elegance and simplicity, so that the event could easily be enjoyed in its entirety. The extensive knowledge of the territory and Mixer Group’s contacts became a winning combination for the selection of a unique and top-level solution.

Testimonial Scouting

Mixer was also responsible for contacting and managing the chosen testimonial for the event.


One of the many tasks that Mixer’s team had was the managing of the participants, with the organization of the transfers of 600 people.

Technical & Scenographic Set-up

The location became the scene of an amazingly balanced and modern technical and scenographic set-up.

Hostess & Catering Service

An high level catering service organized dinners and the needed entertainment, and the team took care of the hostess’ selection and management.


To complete this all-in solution, Mixer Group took care of the direction of the whole event. From the live video shooting, to the production of an emotional and post-event souvenir videos and a photo service.

Technologies and competences

The team was responsible for the shaping of the concept and script, clip selection and shooting for the creation of emotional videos, mainly thanks to the involvement of their own professionals, such as: Copywriters, Production team, speaker for the voiceover track, Post-production team for the compositing and color correction, selection of the musical background and video direction. Moreover, Mixer Group had the pleasure of working with expert professional figures, like strategic counselors and technical staff, who took care of the participants’ management and location and testimonial scouting. Lastly, to complete the whole package the team managed the guests’ transfer and chose the best catering and hostess service.

The final result

Banca Aletti, thanks to its collaboration with Mixer Group, managed to reach the goal organizing a Workshop Event that saw the participation of 600 people. The event was a proper hit and made the presentation of the company’s vision possible, and registered an immediate increment in productivity and collaboration.

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