Retail Summit


By: Mixer Eventi



For the retail summit’s second edition at the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees in Stresa, FOOD choose Mixer Eventi. The aim was to involve the more than 230 participants and 31 relators in the presentation of the new strategies and development plans for the Retail Big Player.

Operational Processes


A first strategic phase saw the study of the target and type of event.


Mixer events was able to skillfully set the location up transforming it in a meeting and cohesion place, with an incredible real time scenography.


Lastly, Mixer Eventi was responsible of the in-loco direction of the whole event, making the atmosphere unique and the convention a nice moment of sharing and productivity.

Technologies and competencies

On this occasion, Mixer Eventi involved all its best professionals, such as: strategic counselors, lights and sound technicians and directors setting the location up with technical elements (audio, video projectors, lights) and an amazing real time scenography.

The final result

The professionality and attention to details shown by Mixer Eventi made the event a great success with an important affluence. The tweets generated by the event reached more than 430.000 people. In conclusion, we can say that the second edition of the Retail Summit closed on a very positive note, making FOOD very proud of its achievements.

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