Stand Set-Up

For: Overmach

By: Mixer Eventi


Overmach chose Mixer Eventi for the set-up of a stand inside Milan’s Bimu Fair.
The aim was to give the company a modern and interactive meeting point for clients and visitors, and provide an illustrative video animation of the products.

Operational Processes

Strategic Briefing

A first phase of strategic briefing was useful for the study and design of the stand keeping in mind all the necessary characteristics and for the writing of the video in all its passages.


Then the writing of the animation video’s script took place, thanks to a storytelling session in collaboration with experts that were able to find all the needed information on the represented technological materials.

Creation & Set-up

Then started the creation process for the video contented to be reproduced during the event and was also created an in-loco technical set-up with the necessary audiovisual equipment.

Technologies and competencies

Mixer eventi thanks to its strategic counselors, artistic directors, post-production, technical staff and speaker and the collaboration with Mixer Video, managed to create informative videos of the products and services Overmach offers, while using all the best audiovisual equipment.

The final result

Technology, interactivity and design dress Overmach’s expositive space, distinguishing itself from the competition. Exploiting at best the engaging potential of the amazing set-up and the detailed illustrated description produced by Mixer Video, the company presented itself at Bimu with an innovative and creative approach that perfectly managed to promote its machine tools.

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