Tv Commercial Production

For: Sofar

By: Mixer Video



The famous pharmaceutical company Sofar chose Mixer Video for the realization of the tv spot relative to the launch of the new medication SofarGenGel. The aim was to elaborate a creative and engaging idea for the production of an ADV video.

Operational Processes


The first strategic phase included an audience, mean of transmission and campaign’s format analysis with the help of a creativity and copywriting session the team began the creation and writing of the video concept. After an in depth analysis it was possible to individuate the aim, and consequently choose the right professionals to involve, and the steps to follow in order to launch an incisive, emotional and impactful message.


Mixer Video’s staff took care of the elaboration and writing of the script.


After accurate analysis and evaluations, the staff elaborated the storyboard of the video, thus shaping the concept of the product.


After a thorough research Mixer and Sofar choose a place that could easily replicate familiar day-to-day life.

Actors & Speakers Scouting

Mixer Video was responsible for the selection of actors and speakers through a casting session.


An expert stylist staff took care of the actors readying them for the ciak.

Direction & Supervision

During the production phase, the amazing cinematic crew proceeded with the video filming.

Sound FX

Finally yet importantly, the team selected the best audio tracks and a background soundtrack, and then proceeded to mix together the video-clips and the narrator’s voiceover.


The post-production team then recorded the voice-over, created an intro and outro with an excellent work of 2D Motion Graphic. Then was time for the compositing process and the creation of the final cut, valorized by an elaborated color correction.


Once the campaign was ready Mixer Video contacted the chosen media to transmit the final result.

Technologies and competencies

Mixer Video and its strategic counselors, cinematic crew, directors, artistic directors, post-production, technical staff, actors and speakers realized an high-impact tv commercial using the best audiovisual technological equipment and creating a perfect balance between audio and video.

The final Result

SofarGenGel was transmitted more than 800 times on the most important national channels, both digital terrestrial and satellite.
Mixer video managed to offer Sofar an impactful and meaningful ADV, which turned out to be an effective, high-quality means of communication.

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