VIP Show top Client

For: Sisal

By: Mixer Eventi


Sisal, national leader company in the betting market, chose Mixer Eventi in occasion of the “Sisal Canvas Vip Show”: a national reunion of all Sisal operators.
The aim was to organize, set up and manage and energetic and proactive event inside the historical Punto Sisal, in the Eur-area in Rome.

Operational Processes


In a first organizational phase, Mixer Eventi had the task of delineating the aim and concept of the event, defining the operational line and all the necessary steps to make.


Mixer’s team transformed the the historical Punto Sisal into a comfortable meeting place, thanks to a technical set up of the audio and video equipment and a perfectly synergic lighting engineering.

Projections & Slides

The team produced impactful slides to be projected together with real-time videos on a multi-screen system.

Interactive televote

Thanks to the interactivity element the participants were directly involved and these made the event incredibly effective and ultimately a proper success.


Mixer Eventi was responsible for the direction, placing itself at the disposal for the whole event.

Technologies and competencies

This event required the participation of most of Mixer Eventi’s team, from audio-video engineers to a technical direction and experts in special effects, who created a ludic and interactive experience.
It is also necessary to highlight the collaboration with the production and post-production team and the artistic direction.

The final result

Sisal obtained a fantastic and unforgettable moment of sharing and confrontation, with a ludic twist, able to give its team a more in depth insight on the latest market news.

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